This 3-month internship allowed me to discover the intricacies of the work of an engineer as well as the working life.

Institut d’Optique Graduate School インターンシップ生
アレクサンドル グラス
Alexandre Gras



As my first professional experience, I was very nervous on my first day.

The people at Sevensix welcomed me as soon as I stepped into the office. During the 3 months I spent at their offices, they were courteous, cooperative, and considerate.

Q1.sevensix を選んだ理由

私はフランスのパレゾーという地域にあるInstitut d’Optique Graduate School (IOGS) で、光学の基礎や応用について学んできましたが、いつも学んでいる知識が実際にどのように製品に使われているのかを知りたいと考えていました。IOCSで取り組んでいた主なプロジェクトはファイバレーザベースの通信システムの構築です。



As a student from France’s Institut d’Optique Graduate School (IOGS) in Palaiseau, I have studied light in many of its aspects and applications but I was always curious about the process behind applying that knowledge into working products. One of the long terms projects I worked on was setting up a fiber-Laser based data Transmission system.

I also wanted to discover another culture and do something in a really focused field. It was then that Sevensix was pitched to me as an opportunity, which I took.

This 3-month internship allowed me to discover the intricacies of the work of an engineer as well as the working life. As a first step into the working world, I am very glad I was able to do it at Sevensix.



・複数の光学装置からなるシステムのソフトウェアのコーディング(関連製品:Finisar社製 WaveShaper、WaveAnalyzer)
・メーカの技術サポートチームと連携して専用ソフトウェアの改善(関連製品:Amonics社製 AOWA)

My work was focused on fiber laser technology. These are task performed during the internship:

・Built a Mode-Locked Erbium-doped Fiber Laser
・Coded software for use with different Optical Instrumentation Machines
・Performed Quality Assurance on Fiber-based connectors/devices.
・Manufactured Fiber Connector Cords.
・Helped resolve a problem an Optical Spectrum Analyzer with help from multiple technical support teams





One thing that surprised me is how there were no border separating employees. Everyone is in the same big office, going up to one another for information, taking calls. You really get to see the interactions between people from different departments doing different things and understanding each other’s work.

Everyone at the office has an excellent grasp of English which made my fears about communication, and asking questions and getting answers and instructions disappear completely. When I realized that, I felt I could converse freely them and they also helped me get better at Japanese. Thanks to them, I really felt my level of mastery of the language rise dramatically over the course of a few months.

Even though it wasn’t the first time I had worked fiber based Laser technologies, I have learned so much about their composition, how to handle them, and how to get them to work optimally at Sevensix. My understanding of the work of an engineer, what he needs to do and what he needs to think about, has gotten more concrete. This is something that I feel I could not have obtained by studying at my graduate school.



I would like to give out my most heartfelt thanks to everyone at Sevensix. You were the people who made this experience wonderful.