Microscopy and Spectroscopy

SHG microscopy, Multiphoton microscopy (bio, semiconductor),
White light generation, Wavelength conversion.


Second harmonic generation (SHG) microscopy using “iQoM” as a light source.

SHG images of starch particles were obtained using our iQoM (1040iQoM AMP) in cooperation with Kano Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Kyushu University.

 The pump light has a central wavelength of 1040 nm, an average power of 80 mW, a repetition rate of 18 MHz, and a pulse width of 6 ps (uncompressed pulse). The average power of the pump light was reduced to 40 mW and introduced into the microscope. The SHG light emitted from the sample was collected by the objective lens in a transmission configuration, spectrally split by a monochromator, and then received by a CCD detector. The sample position was controlled by a piezoelectric stage to obtain a two-dimensional image.

The laser used in this application is here


Laser Processing

Communication and Metrology

Factory Automation