iQoM - Ultrashort Pulse Fiber Laser

Center wavelength: 1040 / 1064 nm

Manufacturer : Sevensix Inc.

iQoM series is an all-fiber-based compact ultrashort pulse laser module.
Picosecond pulses of 1040 nm or 1064 nm wavelength are generated by the 976 nm CW laser input to the iQoM.

~ Demo unit ~
・Center wavelength: 1040 nm
・Accessories that can be rented: LD, LD driver

Ultrashort pulse lasers more in demand than ever

Ultrafast fiber lasers with a wavelength of 1 μm and good environmental stability have contributed to the expansion and practical application of laser micromachining and high-resolution microscopy. However, there is still a strong demand for even higher reliability, longer lifetime, and lower price. We have developed a revolutionary all-optical fiber module “iQoM” that meets all of these requirements for fiber lasers.

Why the “iQoM” Ultrashort Pulse Laser is ideal for OEM and R&D?

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Key Features

SESAM-free / All-passive component / All-polarization-maintaining fiber / FC connector input and output / High-power / nJ-level pulse energy / Compressible to femtosecond pulses

SESAMs degrade over time

Most of the ultrashort pulse fiber laser on the market use a semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SESAM) in the oscillator. However, SESAMs have issues with degradation, manufacturing variation, and availability. iQoM series uses an artificial saturable absober instead of a SESAM.

Proprietary technology to assist the start of the laser Oscillators

Common fiber laser cavities using artificial saturable absorbers require high power LD or two LDs with complex feedback control, and large and expensive optical components. Every component of the iQoM is commercially available, cost-effective, small optical fiber components, making iQoM small and low price.

Dual-color bandpass filtering technology

Fiber lasers in the 1 μm wavelength band require at least one wavelength selective element, such as a narrowband bandpass filter and a fiber Bragg grating. iQoM use our dual-color bandpass filtering technique (patent-pending). The unique technique improves the reliability and reproducibility of self-starting mode locking.

All passive components

iQoM does not include active components such as laser diodes and electrical circuits. There is no risk of failure caused by electricity. iQoM is compatible with your existing LDs and electronics, and can be easily replaced with traditional oscillators using SESAM.


  • Laser micromachining
  • Spectroscopic measurement (time-resolved part, light/terahertz spectroscopy)
  • Microscopic imaging (multiphoton microscopy, bioimaging)



“Long lifetime” and “Excellent environmental stability”


“Certainty of self-starting” and “High repeatability”. Laser performances, such as spectrum, pulse width, power stability are shown.


The iQoM’s robustness, low cost, and small size make it ideal for a wide range of applications.


  • Center wavelength: 1040 nm (1064 nm)
  • Spectral width: > 8 nm (> 3 nm)
  • Average power: > 80 mW (>10 mW)
  • Pulse width: 3 – 15 ps (2 – 8 ps)
  • Pulse repetition rate: 20 ± 3 MHz
  • Size: 200 mm × 150 mm × 46 mm

*1) 3dB bandwidth
*2) PMF pigtailed FBG-stabilized 976 nm LD
*3) Transform-limited < 200 fs
*4) Custom optical fiber connectors available upon request
Specifications subject to change without notice.


*Example: Compressed pulse


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