Spector - Golf head inspection system

Repeatability: Loft angle ±0.1°, lie angle ±0.1°, FP (or goose) ±0.1mm

Manufacturer : Sevensix Inc.

✓ Non-contact measurement with laser
✓ Measurement time 4 seconds
✓ Easy installation & measurement

Key Features

  • Non-contact 3D measurement using laser light cutting method x Automatic calculation algorithm
  • Golf head with a loft angle of 18°~60° can be easily measured in 4 seconds
  • Traceability is ensured with the QR code reading function
  • Left-handed compatible. Measurement is possible with the same settings
  • Dedicated PC & Equipped with various interfaces


  • Golf Head Manufacturing Inspection
  • Forging & Casting Inspection (Customized)
  • Plating Inspection

>>> Circular shapes such as golf balls can also be measured. Click here for a measurement example

Usage example

In addition to the measurement function, it is equipped with a traceability enhancement function

QR code authentication

◆ QR code reader for easy and quick input of inspection data
◆ Matching function to prevent mix-ups
* Barcodes are also supported.

Technical specs
Input items can be customized.
Mix-ups are highlighted in red

◆ Laser 3D scanning for multi-product measurement
◆ Scanning time of only 2 seconds

[Corresponding surface condition]

Heads with non-mirror surfaces on the face and scoreline grooves (*scorched, matte, and ingots are available)

[Scope of correspondence]

If the loft angle is in the range of 18° ~ 60°, all jigs and settings can be measured with the same jig (*left and right measurement possible)

◆ High-speed & high-precision automatic specification calculation program
◆ Determine OK/NG from the difference from the design value

[Calculation algorithm]

Calculate the following from edge detection, fitting, etc., and calculate

the specs
• Shaft vector
• Scoreline vector
• Face surface vector (calculated at ±5mm width from the scoreline center)
• Face spread point (calculated from within the scoreline width, outermost)

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