iQoM won “Invention Achievement Award”


iQoM won “Invention Achievement Award” which is given to outstanding technologies and products contributing to the Japanese manufacturing industry.

iQoM series is an all-fiber-based compact ultrashort pulse laser module.
Picosecond pulses of 1040 nm or 1064 nm wavelength are generated by the 976 nm CW laser input to the iQoM.

By using wavelength selective elements of two different wavelengths (patent pending technology), we have not only improved the reliability and reproducibility of laser startup, but also made it possible to expand the laser to various wavelengths.
In addition, the laser has achieved lower cost and a longer service life by adopting a method that does not use saturable absorption materials, which had been a major factor in degradation over time.

Sevensix won the award in recognition of the improved performance and economic efficiency of the ultrashort pulsed laser, which is a core technology for material processing and sensing.

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